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Reconnect with Food, Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders

  • 02 Dec 2015
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • $15 Members, $30 Non-members - 1CPE available


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Featuring Beverly Price, RD, MA, E-RYT, CEDS

Medical studies of patients with eating disorders have shown that the most effective therapies combine cognitive behavioral therapies with mindfulness-based practices. Through comparison of these different treatment modalities, therapies that focus on the emotions that lay beneath the eating disorder-- rather than the eating itself-- prove to be most beneficial in helping patients return to normal eating patterns.

For someone with an eating disorder, along with co-occurring disorders, the benefits of yoga can be a powerful tool to uncover attachments and move these individuals forward with awareness. Yoga therapy goes beyond the physical practice of a Yoga “class,” and incorporates the philosophy of Yoga in a systematic healing process. The systematic method of Yoga-based therapy, integrated into traditional treatment is presented in this program.

Quantifiable outcome data has shown that Yoga therapy can be instrumental in treating eating disorders along with underlying co-occurring disorders including personality disorders, anxiety/mood disorders, OCD, PTSD, and drug/alcohol addiction.

Yoga-based therapy teaches mindfulness and awareness, self-acceptance, focus, non-reaction, non-judgment and the concept of being present. Yoga-based therapy is congruent with Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness- Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which are outgrowths of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Like Yoga, DBT focuses on awareness and acceptance while ACT focuses on non-reaction and acceptance. The mindfulness aspect of ACT and MBCT helps clients not only experience food and regain healthy habits, but also aids clients in cultivating awareness, focus and being present. In addition, Yoga is a mindful practice illustrating how an experiential can be so powerful. DBT, MBCT and ACT all incorporate non-judgment, which is practiced in Yoga. All three modalities focus on experiencing vs. simply talking.

Recent studies of Yoga and its effect on individuals with eating disorders, along with co-occurring disorders, report improved coping skills, diminished eating disordered behaviors, and improved body image, along with mindful eating and awareness. In addition, current research has shown improvement in feelings of low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, anger, and loss of control. The frontal lobe of the brain plays a critical role in who posses impulsive behavioral/addictions, such as eating disorders. Studies have shown that meditation can act on the cerebral cortex improving awareness and focus, while reducing depression and improving self-esteem. Further studies are warranted to understand the exact mechanics of Yoga and meditation and how Yoga can help individual with eating disorders and the underlying emotions involving these intricate brain centers.

If you are interested in helping your patients explore their relationship with food, body image and emotions, using Yoga as a tool, you will benefit from this dynamic Yoga experience. We invite you to explore the practice of Yoga and "mindful awareness" as a tool for deeper understanding of self-acceptance and self-awareness in patients.

Participants will:

1 Discuss three element of the philosophy of Yoga and how it applies to eating disorder recovery

2 Compare and contrast at least three points regarding conventional vs. Yoga-based treatment

3 Describe three benefits of Yoga to someone with an eating disorder

Reconnect with Food, Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders

Webinar with power point

$15 Members, $30 Non-Members

1 CPE available for all attendees from Skelly Skills

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BEVERLY PRICE, RD, MA, E-RYT, CEDS is a nationally renowned Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, credentialed by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, who is recognized for her distinctive approach to mindfulness-based eating disorder recovery using yoga therapeutics as a tool. She is an author, newspaper columnist and national presenter. Beverly is featured regularly on local and national television, newspaper, on-line and in print. She has published and presented several peer reviewed articles of research in her career. Beverly has created and cultivated the Reconnect with Food® program to benefit those struggling with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders, along with providing mental health services for her local, surrounding community.

To learn more about Beverly's work, see:

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