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The Center for Mindful Eating

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Board Member Responsibilities

All members of the board of The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) must have a commitment and a desire to see TCME succeed. They will have an active interest in the principles and purpose of TCME and they willingly contribute from their own field of expertise as relates to TCME activities. 

The Board of Directors is the body of individuals whose responsibilities generally include the following: 

          • Carry out the organization’s mission and vision
          • Select, assess and support the executive team and management team
          • Ensure adequate resources for the organization (through fundraising, in-kind services/supplies, and budgeting)
          • Enhance the organization’s public standing
          • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability
          • Set, monitor and strengthen the organization’s programs and resources
          • Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance
Within the context of the bylaws the Board has, among other powers, the authority to:
    • Form sub-committees to assist in the management and implementation of its responsibilities
    • Add a member to the Board of Directors by a majority vote at any meeting in which a quorum is present
    • Remove a member of the Board of Directors by a two-thirds vote at any meeting in which a quorum is present
    • Employ an executive director or program director.

      Specific expectations: 

      Voluntary participation for at least one three year term.  
      • Travel to annual meeting of the full Board, if scheduled
      • Participation in scheduled conference calls. If 3 calls in a row are missed, the person may be asked to resign from the Board. 
      • Agree to chair one of the committees of the Board to work on specific projects, which could include concerns of governance of the organization or any of the TCME activities.
      • Reading monthly updates and staying current with Center activities.
      • Contributions to TCME may include activities like contributing articles to Food for Thought and conducting webinars on a mindful eating topic. It is suggested that a Board member write two articles annually and conduct two or more webinars but a Board member may be involved in other projects for TCME that precludes this as a requirement. 
      • Be willing to communicate about TCME with associates and other interested parties.
      • Represent the interest of professionals who share your area of expertise.  
      • Be willing to be contacted by TCME principals when a decision or perspective or feedback is needed. 


      • TCME is a non-profit institution. It does not offer financial compensation to members of the Board of Directors.
      • Board members are responsible for costs associated with calls and travel. 

      Active Committees:

              • Programming Development – Involved in planning and organizing the educational activities for professional and personal community members.  This committee also contains sub committees responsible for:
                  • Mindful Eating Certificate
                  • Professional Development and Exploring Mindful Eating Series
                  • Food for Thought Blog
              • World Mindful Eating Month (WMEM) – WMEM is in January of each year. Activities are planning to start the excitement about mindful eating at the beginning of each year. 
              • Outreach and Member Experience – Developing membership and connecting members together is what this committee is involved in.
      Professional Community Members may apply to join a committee without joining the full board by completing the Committee Member Application, below. 

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