Good-Practice Guidelines

The Center for Mindful Eating is delighted to offer Good-Practice Guidelines (GPG) for professionals engaged in the practice and teaching of mindful eating. These Good-Practice Guidelines have been designed for professionals who identify themselves as Mindful Eating Teachers, professionals who train Mindful Eating Teachers, and Mindful Eating Teacher Trainers. 

 Mindful Eating Teachers

 Mindful Eating Teacher Trainers

 Mindful Eating Teacher Training

Becoming a Mindful Eating Teacher consists of multiple stages of preparation, study, training, practice, and direct teaching experience.  A Mindful Eating Teacher Training is to be conducted by professional mindful eating trainers who have completed an extensive program of study and practice as well as have experience with teaching so they can provide a comprehensive education to other professionals. Trainings should be broad enough to provide a deep understanding of the principles of mindful eating, the current research in the field, and effective teaching strategies and techniques.

These guidelines are aspirational in nature. Not every professional who teaches aspects of mindful eating to their patients or clients will choose to be engaged in this level of training. However, for a Mindful Eating Teacher who wants to offer a mindful eating program of a minimum 18 hours (during a minimum six sessions), the Good-Practice Guidelines provide a complete, clear and internationally approved pathway that preserves the health and healing available through the practice of mindful eating.

Our hope is that the guidelines will motivate those wishing to be a part of this inspiring mindful eating work. 

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