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Mindful Eating Certificate

A TCME Series for Mindful Eating Professionals

Take your professional mindful eating knowledge and expertise to the next level !

From the basics of starting a mindfulness practice to being able to teach mindful eating to your clients, this certificate will provide an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. You won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity, starting in March of each year.

Throughout this 10-module program you will learn:

  • The basics of beginning and building a personal mindfulness practice.
  • About the research that supports mindfulness and mindful eating interventions. 
  • How to support clients in cultivating a mindful eating practice, including the essential role of self-compassion.
  • The ways in which mindfulness and mindful eating can be applied to work with clients who experience disordered eating and chronic health conditions.
  • Why mindful eating is a weight inclusive practice and what this means for your client work.

This program is suitable for dietitians, psychologists, doctors, life and health/wellness coaches, yoga teachers, and others who wish to be engaged in the promotion of the practice of mindful eating.

Enrollment Information

The course typically runs between March-December of each year. Enrollment begins in November of each year.

Course fees range between $697.50 to $897.50. TCME Professional Community Members receive a discounted rate. Payment plans are available. Space is limited.

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What do our students say?

"The level of experience and professional skill with the teachers is amazing! The resources are excellent. The format works well for me. The element of current research that is brought to each module is great. I find that element gives me confidence in bringing mindfulness and self compassion into the clinical and educational settings. While I fully embrace these concepts, and have for years, so many colleagues and patients need to see that empirical sort of evidence. I am also using new techniques regularly and find it almost seamless to integrate them into the day. This has been just a great experience!"

~ Debora D. MS, RD, LD, United States

"The monthly topics and speakers are very interesting and informative…and supports what I have experienced and learned myself in my long dietetic career … we have much work to do to battle diet culture"

~Mary N., MS, RDN, Germany

"I'm impressed by the comprehensive, evidence-based approach, highly trained and experienced speakers, opportunities to both learn and practice... This is the most valuable online program (and one of the most valuable courses ever) I've ever attended in my 16 years of professional life."

~Margarita O., RD, Greece

"The course is comprehensive and actionable, applicable to my daily coaching practice. The instructors are enthusiastic and have great expertise in their field. "

~ Lisa T., RN , United States

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