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The Center for Mindful Eating

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Join The Center for Mindful Eating

A Professional community that nourishes and inspires

Support mindful eating as a weight inclusive practice of belonging and help alleviate suffering around food and body. If you are passionate about mindful eating, you're invited to become a member. Your membership supports: 

  • Our Mission, Vision, & Values
  • Program Development
  • Advancement of Mindful Eating Research
  • Scholarships for those with fewer means and marginalized communities  
  • Fair wages for speakers, teachers, and staff

Plus, when you join, you'll gain access to professional training led by diverse thought-leaders, hands-on practical application, and opportunities to network and connect with others in  community. See the full list of member benefits below.

To begin your membership:

    1. Select your country of residence in the right side panel and click continue.
    2. Then select the annual membership fee that best suits your personal and economic needs. 
    3. Complete the your new member registration form.

Please note, A TCME membership is not a substitute for professional mindful eating intervention.  When selecting a practitioner or training, we recommend reviewing our Good Practice Guidelines and Position Statements for guidance. 

Start your membership here!

Who can become a member?

Anyone who wants to support the practice and promotion of mindful eating is invited to become a member. TCME members come from a wide variety of professional designations such as dietitians, nutritionist, health coaches, personal trainers, psychologists, health psychologists, counselors, social workers, physicians, nurses, spiritual leaders, yoga teachers, and chefs. 

Find more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

Membership Support Levels


This level PARTIALLY supports the basic member benefits, ensuring access regardless of financial contribution.

Category I $40
Category II $30
Category III $20


This level provides FOUNDATIONAL support to cover the basic member benefits and sustain existing core programs.

Category I $80

Category II $60
Category III $40


This level FULLY supports the basic member benefits and enables program development and community growth.

Category I $120
Category II $90
Category III $60

As an international nonprofit organization, our members represent many different countries and cultures from around the world. Our memberships are offered on a sliding scale based on the U.N. Development Index of category I/II/III countries.

Would you benefit from additional financial support? Consider applying for a Membership Scholarship. 

Visit the Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for more details.

Community Membership Benefits

Included as a benefit of community membership.

Available for an additional fee. 

Benefit not available.

  Community Members


Educational Events:

Complimentary access to most educational events, which includes 6-8 events annually covering a wide variety of topics related to the practice of mindful eating. Past events have included 60-90 minute lectures, workshops, roundtables, and case studies.  Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEU) may be available for an additional fee.  See the full schedule here.

Non Member: $20-35 per session

Member: Included

The Conscious Café:

Bring a meal or snack chosen to satisfy your hunger as we practice mindful eating together at the Conscious Café. The one-hour practice includes guided invitations to cue back into one’s senses during the entire eating process with time to process and reflect on the experience. The Conscious Cafe is held semi-monthly, 8-10 sessions per year.

Non-Member: $15 per session

Member: Included


Mindful Community Gathering:

These quarterly events are an intentional gathering for members to cultivate their practice, connect with peers, and actively participate in the organizations development. 


Special Events:

Free registration for special events, such as World Mindful Eating Month, is included in the annual membership fee.

Non-Member: $$-$$$

Member: Included

Member Library: 

This library includes a curated collection of previously recorded events, professional handouts, and Food for Thought Magazine, the former digital publication from The Center for Mindful Eating. The member libraries consist of more than 100 items on a wide variety of topics related to mindful eating. 

Non-Member: $$-$$$

Member: Included

 Ambassador Badge:

Become a mindful eating ambassador and help us spread the mindful eating message. Member's may apply to receive this badge to display digitally on their website, email, or other online space. 

Member Directory:

Connect with other members through the member directory. This directory is available internally for those members who choose to be listed.

Member Discount:

Member's receive a discount on all other events or training courses offered throughout the year such as special events and the Mindful Eating Certificate. 

Questions? Visit our Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) or email us at

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TCME is a member and donation supported 501(C)3 non-profit organization. We depend your generosity to make our mindful eating programs available. Make a tax deductible contribution on our donation page

The Center for Mindful Eating

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Columbia, MO 65205

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