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Silamani Guirao Goris


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Guirao Goris
RespiraVida BreathWorks
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Other - Not Listed
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Ph D /Doctor en Enfermería
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  • Nurse (RN, LPN, CNA)
  • Spiritual Leader
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ME-CL (Mindful Eating - Concious Living) Chozen Bays & Wilkins

MBPM - BreathWorks

In which settings do you offer your programs?
  • Spiritual or Religious Center
  • Yoga or Meditation Center
Have you completed an MBSR, MBCT and/or long-term meditation practice under a guided senior teacher?
  • Yes
If yes, please provide name of training(s), facilitator(s), and date(s) completed.
Mindful Eating Conscious Living - Jan Chozen Bays & Char Wilkins - Certified Teacher 21/6/2019
Have you completed a 5-day or longer in-person professional Mindful Eating Teacher training?
  • Yes
Have you received online professional mindful eating training?
  • No
Have you received supervision from a qualified instructor while offering a Mindful Eating Program?
Do you have any knowledge or experience teaching or dealing with eating disorders professionally?
Do you attend annual silent 5-10 day meditation retreats?
  • Yes
Please describe your current personal mindfulness practice.
MBPM, Triratna Buddhist Order, MECL
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