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Mindful Eating Day

January 28, 2016

Thank you to all our members who contributed their time, wisdom and vision to make Mindful Eating Day an international success.

Watch the videos from our live presentation!

Our special Facebook group that was created for the first Mindful Eating Day was such a welcomed addition to our services that we have decided to continue it. Mindful Eating Facebook Group

Megrette Fletcher, current president and co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating, and Fiona Sutherland, Body Positive Australia, have co-created a 31-day journey of mindful eating designed to educate, inspire, fun and enlighten! This path features a daily MEME (which stands for Mindful Eating, Mindfulness Exercise) and opportunities to discuss, share links and interact with each other. If you don’t use Facebook, not to worry, everyone who registers will get a weekly email featuring the daily MEME.

Learn more in this post by Fiona Sutherland: TCME Mindful Eating Blog

Connect with us on Twitter@MindfulTCME and Facebook/TCME.Mindful.Eating to share posts, comment, cross promote, and more. Help promote this event with our Social Media Tool Kit.

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