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The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) offers monthly webinars to professionals and the general public, we produce a quarterly publication entitled Food for Thought that is distributed to the public, we send regular newsletters to our users, we engage our members in professional roundtable discussions, and provide monthly meditations. We are the only organization in the world that has mindful eating as it's mission and so we lead the conversation around health and wellbeing as it relates to mindful eating. We seek to be a guiding voice in the research efforts in this area by balancing the need to stay true to the principles of mindful eating and the need for funding. We have developed position statements on Healthy Eating, Meditation, Sustainable Food Systems, Food Security, and Weight Concerns. We have developed guidelines for the practice and teaching of Mindful Eating which guide Teachers, Trainings, and the Trainers of Mindful Eating.

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