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Trainings offered here are intended for individuals, agencies, and institutions interested in incorporating mindfulness and mindful eating into their professional work. The Center for Mindful Eating invites our members to publicize professionally-sponsored events on our website. For our posting criteria and submission form, please see our Professional Trainings Listing page (member log-in required).

We aspire to make The Center for Mindful Eating a community-driven network of shared resources. These Professional Trainings listings offered by TCME members are a valued component of our mission. The Center for Mindful Eating has published Good-Practice Guidelines and Position Statements for those wishing to teach mindful eating to the public as well as other professionals.

These trainings are offered independent of The Center for Mindful Eating which receives no compensation from them. TCME acknowledges that it does not control the content of these programs and offers them for informational purposes only.


Upcoming events

    • Friday, January 01, 2021
    • (PST)
    • Friday, December 31, 2021
    • (PST)
    • Virtual Program


    Online, rolling registration. 

    About the Program:

    • Learn how to integrate Yoga and eating disorders into comprehensive care 
    • Discuss evidence-based treatment techniques 
    • Gain insight to powerfully impact your clients’ recovery 
    Includes Yoga therapy techniques, along with business and marketing. A comprehensive workbook is included. ® Introductory and Advanced training. Advanced training is open to previous participants.

    Whether you have completed Yoga teacher training, are pursuing a full Yoga therapy certification, 300-hour bridge or simply want tools to enhance your practice, this training offers the knowledge to all. In addition, this training offers personal development that will last a lifetime.

    Learn how to integrate Yoga and its philosophy into traditional eating disorder/disordered eating treatment modalities in order to strengthen your professional practice and powerfully impact your clients.

    Continuing Education Information:

    • 40 CEUs Introductory Training and 40 CEUs Advanced Training for registered dietitians and dietetic technicians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, marriage & family therapists, creative arts therapists, chemical dependency counselors (CAADC, CCAPP), educators, nurses, occupational therapists and ICF coaches: Co-sponsored by R. Cassidy Seminars. (Note: CDR now offers CEU for RDs and DTRs through IPCE. This training meets these requirements through R. Cassidy Seminars)
    • 6 clock hours in body image for weight and food issues towards iaedp Eating Disorder Specialist or the CEU renewal requirement
    • 40 CEUs Introductory Training and 40 CEUs Advanced Training by Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists as an Approved Professional Development (APD) Course (Total of 100 possible hours, including independent immersion) IAYT APD program and YAC

    Registration Information:

    Introductory Course:

    Advanced Course:

    About the Instructor:

    Beverly S Price, RD, MA, CEDRD-S, E 200 RYT, C-IAYT

    • Wednesday, September 08, 2021
    • 12:00 PM (CDT)
    • Wednesday, November 17, 2021
    • 2:00 PM (CST)
    • Live Interactive Online

    About the Course:

    Eat for Life is a LIVE online 10-week mindful eating program developed at the University of Missouri Wellness Program based on the four foundations of mindfulness and the principles of intuitive eating. The program has been continually updated over the past 13 years to reflect the latest research on mindfulness, mindful eating, intuitive eating, body image, self-compassion, and other related areas, as well as the experience of 14 years of teaching to people around the world.

    If you are seeking professional development, the program will give you tools and practices to teach mindful eating to your clients and is the first step to certification for teaching the program. If you are seeking personal knowledge about mindful eating, the Eat for Life Program will help you enjoy the food you eat, love your body, and live with joy.

    The program emphasizes the experiential practice of mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, body awareness, self-compassion, and mindful eating exercises so that you learn to make choices which reflect an increased self-awareness and an improved ability to understand and navigate difficult thoughts and emotions which often lead to mindless or problematic eating. Research on the program, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, demonstrated that participants had significant improvements in comparison to a control group as follows:

    • Decreased binge eating and other problematic eating behaviors
    • Increased mindfulness
    • Greater appreciation for their bodies
    • Increased intuitive eating (eating based on hunger cues instead of emotional and environmental cues)

    This program is taught live online by Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. who developed and researched the program.

    Continuing Education:

    Dietitians may receive a certificate for 21.5 continuing education credits upon completion of the course. Please contact Dr. Lynn Rossy for details at


    September 8 - November 17, 2021

    Wednesdays, 12:00 - 2:00 PM Central Time

      Sliding Scale Tuition:

      In an effort to support people that have lost jobs or income during this difficult time, I am still offering discounts for those that need it. The intention is to make this offering more affordable to those with financial challenges, particularly due to the COVID crises, and to allow those who are more fortunate in their financial circumstances an opportunity to practice generosity. Please choose the fee that matches your ability to pay.

      • Our-Cost Tuition: $298  At this level, your registration fee fully covers the costs of your attending an offering.
      • Subsidized Tuition at 25% discount: $223.50 – Use Coupon code TCME25 
      • Subsidized Tuition at 50% discount: $149.00 – Use Coupon code TCME50
      Click here to register for your preferred class.

      Read what participants have to say about the class:

      “I found Dr. Rossy’s book and her class to be a transforming experience. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have knowledge about food and nutrition but that’s exactly what often gets in my own way and in the way of assisting others! Dr. Rossy has shown me it’s much more than what you eat. I became aware of my own food rules that I have clung to for years. I began applying mindfulness practices to other areas of my life and found more peace and happiness in daily living. If you want something lasting, I encourage you to sign up for Eat for Life and/or by the book. It’s worth every penny!” –Nancy Strot

      “EFL has been a transformational experience…my relationship to food has changed dramatically.  I actually think about food much less than before — now it’s rarely on my mind until I begin to experience hunger.  And I am savoring my food infinitely more…EFL embodies an intuitive, gracious approach to living, and I am captivated by the gentleness and kindness inherent in the process.” –Linda Dyer

      “It is amazing that 10 weeks have gone past. I will use the “make peace with food” for a long time to come, that has been the most successful tip. I don’t have forbidden food, or food that is “bad.” I can have it just in the quantity that will satisfy. Thank you for the insight and the motivation.  You have made this a successful experience that has changed my life.” –Amy Hampton

      How does Eat for Life online work?

      We will meet live as a group each week for two hours on a platform called Zoom. You can take the class from the comfort of your own home and still engage in a lively, meaningful group learning experience and exchange.

       I have used the Zoom platform for a few years now and I’m very pleased with the results. While of course it’s not the same as being in the same room with people, it comes pretty close (see Zoom training videos here). Zoom offers the possibility to meet with the whole group but also for small break-out groups, which is also an important part of my in-person classes.

       A high-speed internet connection is recommended. Computers, tablets, and phones work, but keep in mind that with the smaller screen of a tablet or phone the images of your class friends will be very small. Your device needs an in-build camera and either an in-build microphone or you need a microphone to plug in. In addition, I will be recording the sessions so that if you have to miss one then you will be able to see the entire session later.

      About the Instructor

      Lynn Rossy, Ph.D., is an author and health psychologist. She is the President of theCenter for Mindful Eating and has been teaching the Eat for Life since 2006. She is the Executive Director of Tasting Mindfulness, LLC, specializing in mindfulness-based interventions for eating, stress, and workplace wellness. 

      She developed an empirically validated mindful eating program called Eat for Life which helps people have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies — decreasing binge eating while increasing body image, mindfulness, and intuitive eating. She published the concepts from the program in a book entitled, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution (New Harbinger, July 2016).

      She founded a Mindfulness Practice Center at the University of Missouri and has been teaching Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Programs since 2001—receiving her training from the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society in Massachusetts. She completed her yoga teacher certification through the National Yoga Alliance Program at Kripalu in 2002. She completed a three year Community Dharma Leader Training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California in January 2008 and has been a student of Buddhist meditation since 1998.

      Her greatest passion is helping people find delicious ways to eat and move their bodies, while discovering greater meaning and purpose in life. She loves to play the piano, dance salsa, eat fabulous food, and celebrate life with friends. She can be found anywhere by listening for her infectious laugh.

      Sign up for her monthly blog and listen to her mindfulness recordings at, be inspired by her posts on Facebook, or sign up for her daily tweets on mindful eating and living on Twitter @DrLynnRossy. You may email her at

      • Friday, October 08, 2021
      • 10:00 AM (PDT)
      • Friday, January 14, 2022
      • 12:00 PM (PST)
      • Live Interactive Virtual Program, recorded options


      Fridays, October 8, 2021 – January 14, 2022, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Time

      Registration open through November 5, 2021

      This program also includes Q & A Sessions, Small Group Coaching, Teachback Sessions and a Virtual Daylong Retreat. (Flexible program times available.)

      About the Program:

      Learn how to become a fully embodied mindful eating and meditation practitioner and instructor with MB-EAT Teacher Trainer and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT.

      This comprehensive three month online training program, now in its eighth year, incorporates the latest science and trends in the field, providing training in the practices and approaches of the pioneering Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training Program (MB-EAT), mindfulness meditation, self-compassion and other mindfulness practices as they support the practice of mindful eating and living. MB-EAT is based on NIH funded research,and continues to evolve. It addresses mindless and stress-related eating, emotional eating, disordered eating patterns, and weight concerns so prevalent in our culture through the application of mindfulness based practices. This training provides a weight inclusive approach to mindful eating and living.

      Through mindful eating practices, one learns to pay attention to what the body really needs and why, how to experience the full pleasure and taste of food without overeating, and how to release the guilt and struggle so often associated with eating. The approach of inner and outer wisdom, integral to the program, help support each person to make informed, balanced, healthy sustainable choices over a lifetime, while being truly nourished by food and other aspects of their lives on many levels.

      You will learn how to become an embodied Mindful Eating and meditation practitioner and instructor.

      This course integrates the step by step tools for you to implement and teach the core practices and skills of the research based 12 week MB-EAT outpatient group program to your clients, and additional mindfulness and self-compassion practices, whether through individual sessions or in a group format. The Mindful Eating and MB-EAT tools and principles are invaluable and are easily adaptable to customize to your population to better support your clients and community to deepen a mindful non-diet approach to healthy living.

      Foundational to learning to teach these skills to your clients is establishing your own personal mindful eating practice.

      Foundational to this online program is the support and guidance to cultivate and deepen your own mindfulness, mindful eating and self-compassion practices, even as you learn to teach these skills to your clients. From a firm personal foundation, you can be the best, most effective, confident and inspired support, coach and guide for your clients' journeys.

      This live interactive group training in our virtual classroom uses the Zoom platform, a state of the art video conference technology, easily accessible with your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's like being in a room training together, but from the comfort of your own home or office. Practices and topics introduced include mindfulness meditation, eating exercises, eating meditations, guided visualizations, loving kindness and self-compassion practices, didactic instruction, inquiry method, role playing, tools, motivational interviewing concepts, weekly home practices, assignments, coaching and self-reflection to cultivate mindful awareness and a more balanced and positive relationship to eating and weight.

      You will gain new skills and tool set to use with clients, personal understanding, experiential learning, and have a new intimate relationship to mindfulness and mindful eating practices.

      You will learn to apply a variety of mindfulness and mindful eating practices, coaching approaches, information and tools to your clients, both individually and in group settings.

      Upon completion of the training, graduates can be qualified to teach the 12 week MB-EAT group program to their clients. Inquire below for eligibility requirements.

      48 CE's available for Dietitians, Psychologists, Counselors/MFT, Social
      Workers, Nurses and related fields


      At METI, we are sensitive to different economic situations internationally and now more than ever because of the challenging economic circumstances many are facing from the COVID pandemic. As always, we continue to have different payment options, and offer a TCME member discount, early bird registration discounts, and partial scholarships.  

      Please INQUIRE HERE  or email for more information and to register.

      Learn more about this program at  

      Read What Participants are saying about the Training Program:

      “I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wishing to delve deeper into mindful living and eating. This course has really transformed my relationship to food, eating and to my body. As a professional training course, it has equipped me with the confidence, the skill and the tools to start sharing this work with others. Andrea is a wonderful teacher – she delivers each session with clarity and expertise with her vast experience and wealth of experiences shining through. She really listens and creates a safe, warm and friendly learning environment. Thank you for this journey – I have gained so much!”

      Claire Rother - Coach, U.K.

      “I highly recommend the MB-EAT program!  Andrea gracefully shares her wisdom, tools, and insight, offering a cohesive program for self-development as well as professional growth.   She comes prepared with years of study, research based examples, and sense of ease in her teachings.  As a dietitian and yoga instructor, finding this research based program to create a bridge, for sharing these two areas of study in heartfelt and efficient way has been so wonderful for me.   I am very grateful to have had this opportunity!

        Crystal Olry – RDN, RYT, USA

      “This is a wonderful program! Andrea is quite knowledgeable and presents a solid, easy-to-access curriculum. The weekly classes and meditations provided a great deal of support for integrating the practices personally and professionally. Her compassion and warmth set the tone for a lovely connection as a group. The program allowed me to experience and also enhance my embodied wisdom.  I am so pleased with the new habits I have developed as a result! This program was an exceptional learning experience.”

        Jessica Kassinof  – LCSW, Licensed Social Worker, USA

      “This has been a training of incredible value, professionalism and quality. I felt welcomed and with a permanent invitation to experience learning, change and progress both in my own personal mindfulness practice and as a health professional. I appreciated the depth of the content, the done-for-you course materials and scripts and the warmth of Andrea’s teaching. This training allowed me to finally introduce mindfulness as a daily practice, which has proven to be a life-changing experience in the way I see myself and how I relate to the world around me. It has helped me get aligned with my values, my own personal needs and goals, and who I am. I am incredibly grateful for this experience”

        Maricarmen  Grisolia – RDN,  France

      About the Instructor:

      Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT, is founder of the Mindful Eating Training Institute, and trains health professionals through her evidence-based professional mindful eating and living trainings and retreats. She is bestselling author of the book, Well-Nourished: Mindful Practices to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Feed your Whole Self and End Overeating”, and additionally offers coaching, programs and retreats for the general public.  Andrea was a lead consultant and mindful eating instructor in NIH funded research at UCSF, is a MB-EAT Teacher Trainer, a dedicated mindfulness meditation practitioner, and MBSR instructor for over thirty years. She spearheaded Mind Body programs at various Kaiser Permanente Northern California centers, for twenty years, and has degrees from Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley. In her private practice, Andrea works with individuals to have more peace, balance and joy in their relationship with food, nutrition, body-image, and stress-related issues and health concerns or whom simply want to bring their lives back into balance and vibrancy through mindful eating and living. One of Andrea’s greatest passions and joys is studying and practicing the Dharma and sharing the life transforming practices of mindfulness, compassion, mindful eating, yoga, nature awareness, and healthy lifestyles.,

      • Thursday, November 25, 2021
      • Tuesday, November 30, 2021
      • Associazione Italiana per la Mindfulness, Italy

      The intersection of mindfulness, eating and our relationship to food is the focus of this Mindful Eating/Conscious Living professional training. Inherent within that juncture are the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that impact how we relate to food and our body in skillful and unskillful ways.

      This training emphasizes experiential engagement in mindfulness meditation practices and mindful eating awareness exercises, so that the participants will be able to pass the benefit of these exercises on to clients and patients in a variety of settings. These practices and exercises are integral components of the eight-session Mindful Eating Program Manual designed by Bays and Wilkins, which provides the organizing structure for creating a program appropriate to the individuals and groups you serve. This training centers on building skills as you explore, experience and learn to teach core aspects of mindful eating

      Note: This is a required course for MECL Teacher Qualification or Certification. For more information: UC San Diego Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute

      Facilitators: Jan Chozen Bays, MD and Char Wilkins, MSW, LCSW

      The program will be led by experienced clinicians, mindfulness teachers and retreat leaders, Jan Chozen Bays, MD and Char Wilkins, LCSW.

      Char is a MBSR teacher certified by the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School, Worcester, MA, USA.

      Jan is a pediatrician and author of Mindful Eating, A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food.

      The program draws from Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), current research, and the instructors' combined 26 years of experience working in public and clinical settings with a wide range of people with distressed eating patterns.

      Registration will be limited for this experiential program in order to cultivate an intimate, personal and highly interactive workshop environment. 


      Associazione Italiana per la Mindfulness
      Casa Don Guanella
      Piazza don Guanella 43
      21027 Barza d'Ispra (VA)
      November 25-30, 2021

      Email to Register

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