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Mindful eating Day 2019

Mindful Eating Day was established to counter the avalanche of diet-culture influenced messaging that can bury a person in guilt, shame and blame.  It's held in January, when diet-culture messaging is at a peak, to offer an alternative approach of self-care and kindness.

Each year explores a different theme related to mindful eating, and includes contributions by principal teachers and thinkers in mindful eating. Leading up to Mindful Eating Day is Mindful Eating Month in which we share and discuss mindful eating inspirations and reflections in a virtual community.

Learn more about Mindful Eating Month. 

Mindful Eating Day 2019 - Session 1

Complete Recording of Session 1

This year’s theme, Stepping into Mindful Eating, will introduce mindful eating as a practice to be present, aware and compassionate when engaging in activities surrounding food and eating.  Mindful Eating Day will consist of two webinar broadcasts of conversations with mindfulness practitioners and pioneers in the field of mindful eating. There will be opportunity for questions.


  • Megrette Fletcher, Diabetes educator, TCME Founder
  • Fiona Sutherland of Body Positive Australia
  • Lynn Rossy of Eat for Life
  • Linn Thorstensson of Straightforward Nutrition

Interview with Lynn Rossy

Interview with Megrette Fletcher

Interview with linn Thorstensson

Interview with fiona sutherland

Mindful Eating Day 2019 - Session 2


  • Marcella Cox, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Mindful Self Compassion Instructor, & Daring Way™ Facilitator
  • Jenna Hollenstein of Eat to Love
  • Alice Rosen of Conscious CafĂ©
  • Char Wilkins  & Jan Chozen Bays of Mindful Eating-Conscious Living (ME-CL)

Interview with marcella Cox

interview with char wilkins & Jan chozen bays

interview with Jenna hollenstein

interview with Alice Rosen

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