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Food and Forgiveness - Part II

  • 20 Apr 2016
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Audio Teleconference - FREE to TCME Members, $15 non-members


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Join Ronna Kabatznick, Ph.D. for this 2-Part series on Food and Forgiveness. 

Forgiving ourselves for the harm we have caused ourselves with food is not easy. How many times have we betrayed ourselves and beat ourselves up by overeating, by refusing to listen to bodies, by hating ourselves for what and how we eat and for the ways our bodies look and feel? 

“Love and forgiveness are not for the faint-hearted,” wrote the Indian mystic Meher Baba. But they are, in fact, doable. Forgiveness is not a technique like denying the ways we have harmed ourselves with food. Instead it is a process and a practice of looking at the ways we have harmed ourselves and suffered, and then actually feel both the physical and emotional weight in our bodies and hearts. Can we then bring a sense of forgiveness and compassion to these feelings and memories? To the ways in which we have betrayed ourselves with food? 

Part I of Food and Forgiveness will end with a short meditation in which we will begin to open our hearts to this process. In Part I, participants will:

. 1  What is Forgiveness and What it is not? 

. 2  Identify one or two food-related "unforgivable" behaviors

. 3  Begin the forgiveness and healing process

Part II of Food and Forgiveness will delve into the deeper levels of the forgiveness process. How to set our intentions to forgive ourselves and open our hearts to self-betrayal with food, once we have acknowledged them, with compassion. Together, we will also focus on the grieving process and ultimately focus on the shift in identity that comes with forgiveness that connects us to our common humanity. Shifts in our relationship with ourselves and food take time to heal, but with time, patience and practice, they can and often do. There will be an opportunity in this session for participants to briefly ask questions about their difficulties and challenges. We'll end with a guided meditation on food, forgiveness and letting go.

Participant goals for Part II:

. 1  Set intentions to heal and forgive food-harm and betrayals

. 2  Acknowledge greater grief and anger, not just within but in others dealing with similar issues

. 3  Learn a daily food and forgiveness practice

Ronna Kabatznick, Ph.D., is a social psychologist in private practice. She works with clients via Skype on issues related to food, depression and relationships. For nine years, Dr. Kabatznick was a psychological consultant to Weight Watchers International where she helped create their behavioral weight management program. She has taught mindful eating since 1985. She has written two best-selling books, The Zen of Eating: Ancient Answers to Modern Weight Problems and Who by Water: Reflections of a Tsunami Psychologist. Helping others with Mindful Eating issues is Dr. Kabatznick's passion.

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