Mindful Eating Retreat with Andrea Lieberstein MPH, RD and Ven. Jampa Sangmo

  • 07 Nov 2014
  • 10 Nov 2014
  • Vajrapani Institute, Boulder Creek, California

This weekend contemplative retreat will focus on the meditation practices of Mindful Eating with particular emphasis on gratitude as we enter into the holiday season.  When we eat mindfully we involve all the senses by engaging our body and our mind.  We utilize color, texture, smell, taste, and sound to nurture our experience. We learn to pay attention to what our body really needs and why.  By focusing on the many beings involved in food production and how dependent we are on others for our nourishment we can develop gratitude for others. 

To support cultivating our awareness, we will quiet the mind and open the heart through yoga, sitting and walking meditation.  Through these practices of deepening our inner awareness of the body and mind we will experience wisdom and compassion, which is our true nature. We can experience food as pleasure and nourishment while finding our right relationship to amount and quality in each moment. Mindful eating can nudge us beyond what we’re craving so that we wake up to why we’re craving it. 

Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RD, RYT and Venerable Jampa Sangmo

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This retreat has been approved to offer continuing education units to mental health care providers.  For more information contact office@vajrapani.org

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