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This one to two page handout is an ideal introduction to Mindful Eating and can be easily printed as a handout for patients. Access to our full archive of Food For Thought professional handouts is available to TCME members on our Educational Handouts Archive page (member log-in required).

To Reach Your Healthy Weight, Stop Trying to Lose Weight 

Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD, Winter 2016

From our 2015 Food for Thought publications:

Self-Compassion: The Often Missing Ingredient Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD, Winter 2015

Sustainability:  Mindless Food Purchase and Consumption Cheryl Wasserman, LPC, NCC, Spring 2015

From Food to Awareness - A Radical Act of Self-care Cinzia Pezzolosi, PhD, Summer 2015

Food For Thought Professional Handouts Archive

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Acceptance: Finding Acceptance, Donald Altman, MA, LPC, Spring 2013
Anger: No Quick Fix, Char Wilkins, MSW, LCSW, Summer 2011

Anxiety Can Prevent us from Eating Mindfully, Jan Chozen Bays, MD, Fall 2014
Balance: Shopping Mindfully, Donald Altman, MA, LPC, Summer 2006
Bariatric Surgery:  Thoughts that Flavor the Meal, Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDE, Fall 2010

Compassion: The Healing Power of Compassion, Donald Altman, MA, LPC, Fall 2012

Compassion: Self-Compassion: The Often Missing Ingredient, Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD, Winter 2015

Craving: Turning Your Crave Into A Wave, Ronald Thebarge, Ph.D, Spring 2007
Creating a Mindful Eating Practice, Ronna Kabatznick, PhD, Summer 2008 

Cultivating Curiosity: A Curious Stance, Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW, Summer 2007 

Choice: Choosing Your Way to Mindfulness, Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW, Fall 2007 

Diabetes: Keeping our Bodies in Balance, Mary Farhi, MD, Winter2014

Expectations: Being in the Moment, Jean Kristeller, Fall 2006 

Family: Mindful Eating, Creating Curious Kids, Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed, RD CDE

Fear: Fear of Food, Donald Altman, MA, LPC, Summer 2010 

Finding Mindfulness: Drops of Wellness, Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDE and Bob Wilson, Winter 2006
Flexibility: Take a Bite on the Wild Side, Donald Altman, M.A., LPC Fall 2011
Food and Feelings: Full Circle Awareness, Dh. Amala, Winter 2008
Food Triggers: Handling Triggers, Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW, Fall 2008
Forgiveness: Forgiveness Meditation, Ronna Kabatznick, Winter 2007
Fullness: Finding Fullness, Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD., CDE, Spring 2011
Generosity: The Joy of Generosity, Donald Altman M.A., LPC, Summer 2009
Honoring Our Experiences, Food: The Solution Not The Problem, Donald Altman M.A., LPC, Spring 2006

Loneliness: Overcoming Loneliness, Donald Altman MA, LPC, Summer 2012
Meditation and Mindful Eating: The Benefits of a Daily Eating Meditation Practice, Ronna Kabatznick, PhD

Meditation: From Food to Awareness - A Radical Act of Self-care Cinzia Pezzolosi, PhD, Summer 2015

Multitasking: The Perils of Multitasking, Rebecca Gladding, MD  Fall 2013
Nutrition Information: Are We Consuming Food or Information? Ronald W. Thebarge, Ph.D., Spring 2012
Pausing: Your Natural Braking System, Donald Altman MA, LPC, Winter 2013
Permission: The Power of Permission, Char Wilkins, LCSW, Spring 2010
Relapse Recovery: Relapse Recovery, Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD., CDE, Spring 2009
Satiety: Satiety and Fullness, Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RD, CDE, Winter 2012

Slowing Down: Slowing Down When Eating With Others, Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, Winter 2011
Spiritual Hunger: Spice Your Food With Gratitude, Donald Altman MA,, LPC, Fall 2009

Sustainability:  Mindless Food Purchase and Consumption, Cheryl Wasserman, LPC, NCC, Spring 2015

Taste and Memory: Experiencing Food, Caroline Baerten, RD, Summer 2014
Weight Loss: Weight Loss, Brian M. Shelley M.D., Winter 2010

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