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The Center for Mindful Eating

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World Mindful Eating Month 2022
Resources to Support your Practice

MIndfulness Practice

Explore the FREE MINDFULNESS RESCOURCE LIBRARY to find additional resources to support your mindful eating practice.


Week 1: Create a Safe Space

 Get the full Script here.

Release date: 01/07/21

Week 2: Prepare the Soil

Get the full Script here.

Week 4: Nurture, Water, Weed and Celebrate!

Release date: 01/28/21

Closing Meditation


SEMANA 1: Creando un Espacio Seguro


SEMANA 2: Preparando la Tierra


SEMANA 2: Preparando la Tierra

SEMANA 3: Plantando las semillas

Café Consciente con Cuca Azinovic |Friday, January 21, 2022

SEMANA 4: Nutriendo, Regando Y Desbrozando ... ¡Celebrando nuestro trabajo!

Meditación de clausura

Membership Special Offer

Enjoy 15% off an annual membership when you join the Personal or Professional Community during World Mindful Eating Month. New memberships only, does not apply to renewals. Offer expires February 6, 2022.   

Thank you!

The Center for Mindful Eating would like to thank the WMEM team for creating and hosting this exciting month of mindful eating practices. Our dedicated WMEM team includes TCME board members Cecilia Clementi, Cuca Azinovic, Linn Thorstensson, and Daniela Araujo from The Center for Mindful Eating Brazil. 

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