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January 1-31, 2022

Final Celebration:

Saturday, January 29, 2022

How to Join: 

This event is FREE and open to the public!

World Mindful Eating Month is a virtual month-long practice hosted in a private Facebook group or as a daily email. Simply sign up anytime between now and January 4, 2022 to receive your invitation to join the private group on Facebook or email list.

Join WMEM here!

Who should participate: 

There is no better way to start the new year than cultivating the seeds of self-compassion in our mindful eating practice. Whether you are new to mindful eating, a seasoned practitioner, or just curious, World Mindful Eating Month (WMEM) is your opportunity to grow or renew your practice. 



We will explore ways in which we can create space within our lives to cultivate our mindful eating practice and overcome any challenges along the way. 


We will prepare the soil by digging into what mindful eating is and what it is not. 


We begin planting the seeds during week three by eating with full permission, getting curious about our hunger, and awakening to satisfaction!  


This week will be all about nurturing our practice and choosing what to weed out. 

Join us for our first online Mindful Eating Retreat on Friday, January 29!


Join us in January 2022 for the 8th edition of World Mindful Eating Month. Free and open to the public, WMEM is an entire month of mindful eating reflections, practices, poems, and sharing! 

Mindful eating is not a place to arrive or a goal to achieve but instead, a practice that grows naturally when cultivated with careful attention, a necessary ingredient for our practice to flourish. When cultivating our mindful eating practice, we are not just paying attention to the joyful experience of the food we eat. We are also accessing our internal wisdom and using mindfulness to learn a new way to approach food, our bodies, and our entire lives.

By joining WMEM, you will receive new inspiration, practices, poems, and reflections to encourage your mindful eating practice to thrive. Throughout the month, we will create a safe space,  prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and nurture our mindful eating practice. 

To celebrate WMEM, The Center for Mindful Eating will host a special event on Thursday, January 28. We will rejoice together with our mindful eating community from around the world in the wisdom our month-long practice has brought to our lives. More details to come as the date gets closer. 

HERE'S HOW YOU CAN GEt involved:

There are many ways to get involved in World Mindful Eating Month:

  1. Sign-up now to receive WMEM 2022 updates and news.

  2. Share about the event with professionals, clients, friends, and family. WMEM is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about mindful eating.

  3. Join the private World Mindful Eating Month Facebook group starting in December. Here you will receive access to daily posts and discussions. This is the heart of WMEM! 

  4. Follow us! Follow our Facebook  and Instagram pages.   You can also follow the hashtags #WMEM #WorldMindfulEatingMonth, #MindfulEatingDay, #TCME, and #MindfulEating on Instagram.

Not on social media? Choose to receive an email digest of the daily inspiration, reflection, and practice when you sign up to receive updates here.

    Thank you!

    The Center for Mindful Eating would like to thank the WMEM team for creating and hosting this exciting month of mindful eating practices. Our dedicated WMEM team includes TCME board members Cecilia Clementi, Cuca Azinovic, Linn Thorstensson, and Daniela Araujo from The Center for Mindful Eating Brazil. 

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