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  • Sunday, December 23, 2018 1:44 PM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    TCME Co-founder and Advisory Council member Megrette Fletcher write about nourishing happiness and well-being through mindful Eating.

    Do you want to be happy? I know I want to be happy and I bet the person next to you wants to be happy, too. Everyone wants to be happy. The desire is part of our biology and hard-wired into our brain. But the reason why happiness arises is varied and complex. Many people think that you find happiness; however, happiness isn’t a thing, so it is never lost. Happiness is an experience, and the conditions for you to have the experience of happiness are surprisingly common. Here are four ways mindful eating can help nourish the conditions for happiness, which are already all around you.


  • Sunday, December 23, 2018 1:27 PM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    More people are catching up with the science about the harmfulness of dieting.  Christine Byrne writes in Huffington Post:

    "[W]hile healthy eating is definitely important, a good relationship with food and your body is important, too. Research on the short- and long-term effects of dieting shows that it can have some pretty damaging effects, and more experts than ever are encouraging clients to quit dieting and instead make peace with food and their bodies.

    Read more at Huffington Post

  • Monday, October 01, 2018 12:05 PM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    In this issue of Food for Thought entitled Letting Go of Food Rules, we invite our readers to consider flexibility and internal wisdom as hallmarks in the practice of mindful eating. In our lead article, How Food Rules Influence Mindful Eating, Sandra Aamodt, PhD identifies the challenges and fears that arise when considering letting go of food rules, and shares that moving out of our comfort zone established by food rules can give rise to greater freedom around food and a gentler approach to our relationship with ourselves and eating.  “Re-learning this inner listening takes us back to the way we ate before the outer influences silenced our trust in our bodies and what they tell us.” 

    In The Healthy Diet Dilemma, Lynn Rossy, PhD, tells a client’s story that illustrates how our culture’s obsession on weight and weight loss consumes us. “Mindful eating is not a diet plan but a way of learning kindness toward food, yourself, and your body. A healthful way to eat naturally occurs in the presence of kindness.” 

    In our educational handout, Claudia Vega, MD, writes “The trouble with food and eating rules is that many of them are not even based on scientific facts. They promote a sense of inadequacy about ourselves, our bodies, and our behaviors.” 

    This issue includes a led meditation called Body Lovingkindness, written by Lynn Rossy, PhD, that can be used to reverse the negative messages we often send ourselves by replacing them with kind wishes for yourself and others.

    Thank you to our contributors and to all our readers. May this issue shed light on a controversial topic while bringing peace and greater kindly awareness into our mindful eating practices.

  • Tuesday, September 18, 2018 6:02 PM | TCME Admin (Administrator)
    ¡Muchas gracias por estar aquí acompañándonos en este momento!.
    ¡Es un gusto contar con tu presencia!

    Queremos compartir contigo el esfuerzo que estamos haciendo desde el Centro para la Alimentación Consciente ( por asistir a esta nuestra comunidad de habla hispana. Sabemos que esto es una necesidad gracias a vuestros mensajes y peticiones y por ello estamos, poco a poco, dedicando más recursos para hacer del Centro para la Alimentación Consciente ( un lugar de encuentro para profesionales de Alimentación Consciente y también todo aquel que quiera aprender o reforzar su práctica personal. 

    Quisiéramos compartir contigo ahora todas las novedades sobre las que hemos estado trabajando:  
    En nuestra sección de Recursos en Español (página de apertura) encontrarás una breve introducción a la Alimentación Consciente y los principios de la Alimentación con Atención Plena.

    Y desde está página tendrás acceso a: 

    Declaración de Intenciones del TCME:
    En esta sección puedes encontrar los posicionamientos del TCME con respecto a temas centrales a la hora de definir que es Alimentación Consciente. Estos posicionamientos son:
    Posicionamiento sobre el Control del Peso
    Posicionamiento sobre la Meditación
    Posicionamiento sobre la Alimentación Saludable
    Posicionamiento sobre Seguridad Alimentaria
    Posicionamiento sobre Sistema Alimentario Sostenible

    Es muy importante qué como profesional y/o practicante de Alimentación Consciente estés al tanto de estos posicionamientos para construir una práctica saludable a nivel personal y una asistencia adecuada a nivel profesional.

    Guía de las Buenas Practicas de Alimentación Consciente
    En este espacio os ofrecemos la Guía de las Buenas Prácticas (GBP) para profesionales dedicados a la práctica y la enseñanza de la Alimentación Consciente. Estas guías se han diseñado para profesionales que se identifican como maestros de Alimentación Consciente, profesionales que capacitan a otros profesionales de la Alimentación Consciente y entrenadores de maestros de Alimentación Consciente.

    Webinars & Teleconferencias

    En esta sección encontrarás todos los seminarios web y teleconferencias que hemos ofrecido hasta la fecha en habla hispana. Y en un futuro cercano, las nuevas webinars que vamos a elaborar para ayudar al desarrollo de la práctica personal y profesional. Si tienes alguna propuesta de algún tema que te gustaría que nosotros tratásemos, por favor, poneros en contacto con nosotros en

    Blog en Línea en ESPAÑOL
    En esta sección vamos a compartir artículos escritos por los miembros del Comité de Dirección del y ofrecidos en la revista Food For Thought (FFT) a medida que se vayan traducciendo. Nuestra intención es poder ofreceros la traducción de las publicaciones vigentes más, poco a poco, ir traduciendo todo el material disponibles de alta calidad. 
    Temas como Salud Mental, La práctica de Alimentación Consciente socialmente, Alimentación Consciente como práctica espiritual, Cómo la Alimentación Consciente nutre la felicidad, etc. son temas que ya se han elaborado y que ahora queremos ofrecer para miembros de habla hispana.

    Publicaciones de Alimentación Consciente
    En esta sección tenemos ya algunas de las publicaciones de FFT traducidas de temporadas pasadas. No dejes de leerlas pues encontrarás publicaciones relativas al Peso o las prácticas de Autocompasión.

    Comunidad de Meditación (en línea)
    En este espacio queremos hacerte llegar nuestro compromiso con la práctica de meditación, la base de la Alimentación Consciente y la creación de la Comunidad o Sangha.
    Desde el año 2018, Claudia Vega & Cuca Azinovic comparten con la Comunidad de habla hispana diversas meditaciones en directo con la intención de crear un espacio de práctica y cultivo de la atención plena y compasión. Cada mes hay una práctica diferente con el fin de ayudarte a que encuentres tu propia práctica base de meditación. Y si no puedes asistir en directo, con apuntarte, recibirás en menos de 24horas el enlace con la meditación compartida.

    Esperamos contribuir a cubrir tus necesidades como profesional y al desarrollo de tu práctica personal. Y si en algún momento necesitas algo a nivel individual o algo que quizá no esté cubierto en este plan de desarrollo, no dudes ponerte en contacto con nosotras.

    Un saludo afectuoso y agradecido,

    Cuca Azinovic (España) & Claudia Vega (México)        
    Miembros del Comité de Dirección del 
    Centro para la Alimentación Consciente (

  • Saturday, July 07, 2018 9:18 AM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    This edition of Food for Thought will help professionals understand the many mental health issues that contribute to unhealthy eating patterns.

    The lead article, “Integrating Mindfulness in Mental Health Treatment,” was written by Sharon Theroux, PhD, licensed psychologist, certified MBSR instructor, and Treasurer of the Center for Mindful Eating (TCME). Intended for professionals, this article will help you identify mental health issues in your clients, as well as recommend mindfulness-based interventions. She emphasizes the importance of a team approach when treating individuals with mental health issues.

    Alice Rosen, LMHC, a therapist and founder of The No-Diet and Self-Led Eating Workshops and The Conscious Cafe, offers the practice article, “Weaving Mindfulness into Psychotherapy,” where she shares her expertise with clients who are averse to exploring difficult thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.

    The educational handout, “How to improve psychological well-being through mindfulness,” was written by Cecilia Clemente, PhD, a clinical and health psychologist, psychotherapist, and instructor of mindfulness-based programs. This handout offers your clients mindful recommendations to use whenever distressing thoughts arise that can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety.

    The final offering, “Meditation on the three levels of experience” is a beautifully written practice by Cecilia Clemente, PhD. Use it on a regular basis to bring yourself back to the present moment when faced with unpleasant thought or emotions.

    We hope that you enjoy this issue!

    Food for Thought Summer 2018 Mindful Eating and Mental Health

  • Monday, July 02, 2018 9:37 AM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    We're delighted to announce “Stepping Into Mindful Eating”, a three-part training and related collaboration that will prepare you to present your mindful eating concepts to the world!

    This is a unique TCME member program to prepare for Mindful Eating Day 2019. The aim of this training is for you to take the information and resources shared via these three webinars and from TCME’s resource library, and then create social media posts and mindful eating practices to be delivered on one of the days of January 2019.  

     Collectively, we will create a supportive space to share with a wider community the benefits of having a mindful eating practice and how it can provide a peaceful and healing relationship with food, eating, and our bodies.

    Every year, TCME celebrates International Mindful Eating Day, which is the last Thursday in January. In preparation for Mindful Eating Day, starting January 1st, we will share one social media post supporting a mindful eating practice, and/or another practical exercise that ties in with the theme set for 2019. If you'd like to see what we did last year, see Mindful Eating Day 2018 - thank you to everyone who contributed!

    The core concept that we would like you, as a professional, to discuss is embodying nonjudgment. This theme is rich and offers many aspects for you to present and explore. To create a focus for the public, the media message will be stepping into mindful eating.

    As TCME members, you are welcome to participate in the three-part webinar.

    The first webinar, presented by Megrette Fletcher, will be pre-recorded, and released so you can watch it on-demand via our website. Themes will include nonjudgement, weight bias, and self-compassion. Creating a stable foundation for mindful eating that is practiced on a regular and consistent basis will train the mind to see opportunities that are otherwise ignored or invisible.

    The second webinar is also pre-recorded, and will be available on demand on our website. Linn Thorstensson will take these concepts to a deeper level to help you translate the larger concept of nonjudgment to a consumer message that can be used for Mindful Eating Day 2019. The focus is looking at the barriers to embodiment. Linn will also link to some relevant TCME resources that will help us take this information and make it into bite-size memes. She will offer you some deeper “think” questions, which will be part of the Q&A joint presentation on August 27.

    The last webinar will be presented live on Monday, Aug 27, at 1 pm EST. This program will be an amazing chance to come together as a group and explore:

    • How to offer nonjudgmental messaging.

    • How to tolerate the present moment

    • How to be present without judgment

    • How to find information

    • How to create practice activities

    • How to submit them to the Mindful Eating Day program

    • How to create a co-branded meme

    • How to promote your work on Mindful Eating Day 2019 to a larger audience.

    Once the training is complete, you will have until Sept 30th to create your own social media post or meme for January 2019, that reflects on and embodies the core concept of nonjudgment.

    We hope that you'll sign up and take part in our collaboration so we can share and spread the benefits of mindful eating! 

    Please log in to your TCME Member account to register for this program: Registration is free!

    Not a member? Learn more about our benefits | Join Today

    In Peace, Megrette & Linn

  • Monday, June 11, 2018 9:22 PM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    A selection of inspirational blogs from around the world. During our Mindful Eating Day celebrations (January 2018) a conversation was sparked about blogs on mindful eating. We thought we'd keep the thread going - please feel free to send us more blogs to review. We love helping to spread the word about mindful eating!

    Check out the latest additions!


    Body Positive Australia, Fiona Sutherland

    Sol Food, Christina Turner,


    MeNu, Caroline Baerten


    Mindful Eating Brazil


    Vincci Tsui

    Mindful Nutrition, Cathy Wang


    Nutrition Pleine Conscience, Sandrine Le Mazou

    Bien être à Table, Géraldine Desindes


    Food Coaching, Nicole Hoenig


    Straightforward Nutrition, Linn Thorstensson


    Mindful Eating Mexico, Lilia Graue

    South Africa

    Xen and The Art of Mindful Eating, Xenia Ayiotis 


    Bienestar Consciente, Cuca Azinovic

    United Kingdom

    Cinzia Pezzolesi

    Peaceful Eating, Vania Phitidis

    United States

    Am I Hungry?, Michelle May

    A Weight Lifted, Green Mountain at Fox Run

    Mindful Eating Conscious Living, Jan Bays and Char Wilkins

    Mindful Eating Made Easy, Megrette Fletcher

    Tasting Mindfulness, Lynn Rossy

  • Friday, April 06, 2018 5:23 PM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    Our relationship to food reflects our attitudes toward our environment and ourselves. Mindful eating can bring us awareness of our own actions, thoughts, feelings, and motivations, and insight into the roots of health and contentment.

    The Center for Mindful Eating is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit, established in May 2006. Since then, we have helped many thousands of people achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy, and joyful relationship with food. 

    Now we need your help to hire a full-time Executive Director who will guide our strategic planning to keep our programs relevant, effective, and sustainable. We will maintain our core values and organizational vision—to be an effective, accessible vehicle for training professionals in the principles and practices of mindful eating and to foster wisdom, mindfulness, and ethical action in food-related education, policy, research, and healthcare. 

    Our Goal:
    Our goal is to raise $49,000 to fund this new position for one year plus update our website and improve our marketing through a professional consultation. The good news is we are already 25% funded with pledged donations and capital funding totaling $12,250!

    Where We Want To Go:
    *More resources to help the general public learn and practice mindful eating
    *Translation of materials and programs into multiple languages
    *Programming for professionals to influence mindfulness and mindful-eating discourse around the world.
    *New website that is mobile/tablet friendly
    *Grant funding to build revenue for sustainability into the future

    Your gift will help us continue to grow as an organization passionate about relieving suffering related to food and eating.

    Our Story:
    The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) was conceived in 2005 at a kitchen table by three people on retreat who brought their passions for nutrition, emotions, and mindfulness together. They became the original board members, forming the non-profit 501(c)3 organization in 2006 to promote the principles of mindful eating .

    These professionals, a nutritionist, mindfulness teacher, and psychologist, knew that people all over the world suffer in their relationship with food, because of emotional eating, lack of nutrition education, body-image struggles, and more. They aimed to help people improve their relationship with food and eating by educating professionals across disciplines on the benefits and practices of applying mindfulness to food and eating.

    TCME launched its first website in 2007, and started offering free teleconferences in 2008. Our volunteer board ran high on enthusiasm, despite being low on resources, and managed to offer a host of teleconferences and publications. After a few years, it became clear we needed a more professional website that would better organize the vast array of content that we offer to our online community. In 2011, we hired a part-time manager to shepherd us into through the next phase of development.

    *We launched a new website in 2012.
    *We wrote position statements to help guide the mindful-eating conversation.
    *We developed good practice guidelines to help people wanting to become mindful-eating professionals.
    *We offered roundtable discussions to help mindful-eating teachers develop their skills and practice. 
    *We moved to a webinar platform and started offering more comprehensive programs to meet the needs and interests of our audience.

    Your gift will help us grow into the next decade with greater mindfulness and sustainability.

    Who We Are:
    Our volunteer board consists of authors, dietitians, meditation instructors, physicians, psychologists, and researchers. They present educational content in our publications and webinars. Our part-time manager has coordinated and supported our webinar programming and online publications, while providing membership support, social media posts, marketing, and website development. 

    As an organization grows, it goes through stages. We have moved through our adolescence and are establishing ourselves in young adulthood. Our board has successfully transitioned from its founders to a larger, more diverse group.  Our programs are more recognized in the community. At times demand is greater than capacity. Our webinar delivery has become more consistent and focused, propelled by our recent partnership with International Seminars Group, a continuing-education provider. With their help, we have developed self-study programs for dietitians, therapists, and other healthcare providers to get quality affordable education in mindful eating. 

    Our core audience consists of professionals seeking to learn how to incorporate mindful eating into their work as therapists, teachers, dietitians, health care providers, and more. We also interact with thousands of people seeking personal relief from their struggles with food and eating.

    Programs we currently offer:
    *Mindful Eating Day, inspirational interviews and social media engagement for the public
    *Foundations of Mindful Eating and research-based webinars for professional continuing education 
    *Monthly free webinars and teleconferences for the public to explore principles and practices related to mindful eating
    *Food for Thought quarterly e-magazine on a variety of topics, including sustainability, eating disorder, how to start a mindful eating practice, meditation, movement, medical illness and more.
    *Monthly online community meditations and mindful-eating group practices

    *Networking for mindful-eating professionals around the world

    Our community impact:
    *Contacting over 82,000 people annually through our website
    *Serving over 5,200 people free webinars or teleconferences over the last five years
    *Offering quality mindful-eating programming for professionals, including self-study continuing education
    *Roundtable discussions on sustainability, nutrition, healthy weights, meditation, and food security
    *Contributing to the global conversation regarding the harmfulness of dieting 
    *Promoting constructive dialogue around body image, self-compassion, and the benefits of mindfulness

    Our new Executive Director will be proficient in fundraising, strategic planning and will provide comprehensive administrative oversight using strong communication and team-building skills. 

    Please share this campaign with your friends, family and colleagues on Facebook, Email, Twitter. Each share makes a real difference! 

    Help us continue to grow our programs and services with a full-time Executive Director.

     Click to donate!

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    We also accept paper checks and bank transfers - contact us if you prefer another way to give!

  • Sunday, April 01, 2018 4:17 PM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    Our Spring issue of Food for Thought, entitled Social Dining: Mindfully Eating with Others, offers tools and guidance on how to remain mindful in social settings, whether in a restaurant or dining at home with family and friends.

    In the main article, Caroline Baerten, RD, offers insights on the importance of our evolutionary journey to our eating habits, emphasizing the role of compassionate self-care and curious awareness while eating out. She shares many interesting studies on how eating out influences our food choices and why mindfulness is a crucial tool to turn our attention to what our heart, body, and mind really need.

    In her article on the challenges of social dining, Cinzia Pezzolesi, PhD, encourages us to focus on setting reasonable expectations and to let go of the idea of having ‘the perfect mindful meal.’

    Cultivating a mindful-eating practice, even in the midst of a busy day, can be a source of joy and happiness, according to Marsha Hudnall, RD. She shares four steps by which mindful eating can help us to maintain a balance between momentary pleasure and genuine nourishment of body and mind.

    We close this issue with a meditation practice to help bring mindful eating alive during challenging family meals and restaurant dinners. As always, thank you to our writers, to our members, and to everyone in our online community for supporting Food for Thought.

  • Monday, January 08, 2018 11:09 AM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

    Episode 21 - Celebrating Mindful Eating Day #1 with Megrette Fletcher

    Please join me as I speak with the kind and compassionate Megrette Fletcher. Megrette is the co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME), the organisers behind Mindful Eating (ME) Day set to take place for its third year on the 25th of January 2018. This special, internationally recognised day aspires to bring more awareness and appreciation to the practice and principles of mindful eating and gives practitioners the opportunity to join force and cultivate a harm-free January message!

    Episode 22 - Celebrating Mindful Eating Day #1 with Linn Thorstensson

    In preparation for Mindful Eating (ME) Day celebration on 25th of January 2018, Linn shares her personal story and how her own experiences lead her to mindfulness and mindful eating, the benefits of mindfulness in practice and life, the common assumptions, importance of client self-care and self-acceptance as well as her new exciting project for 2018 and plans for ME Day.  

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