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We join our voices in solidarity.

Thursday, June 04, 2020 8:43 AM | Jennifer Oetting (Administrator)

As protests continue around the world in response to systemic racism and the string of murders of Black people, including the murder of George Floyd, we must join in the chorus of others calling for the transformation of the views that feed racism, injustice, and hatred that exist in our country and in the world. 

We are called to come close to the suffering and not turn away as if this devastating event is a singular occurrence. Aware of the suffering caused by anti-black racism, we commit ourselves, individually and as a community, to examine our thoughts, words, and deeds so that we are engaged in the practices that lead to anti-racism and non-harming in order to heal ourselves and the world. 

Our recently developed Diversity and Inclusion Statement  is just a start. We realize we have much work to do to be a positive force for good. It is not enough to practice mindfulness or meditation in the comfort and solitude of our homes. We must have our practice manifest in our actions and actively seek ways to dismantle systems of oppression, racial inequities, and injustice. 

Mindfulness practice is the most important tool that we can use to deal with the many difficult emotions we are having. The trauma cannot be fixed, but must be met with great kindness and compassion. Instead of avoiding it, stuffing it, or numbing out, we can face it as part of our humanity and welcome it in so that we can explore and understand it. Not pushing away suffering, but feeling it with our whole bodies is the only way to be moved to the action that is called for at this time.  

Small mindful steps can make a difference. Here is a great list that demonstrates the many things white people can do to be an ally. For our part, The Center for Mindful Eating is committed to the following: 

(a) We would like to highlight businesses and work of black people and other people of color working in the field of mindful eating or related fields. Please reach out to us for a member spotlight. 

(b) Donating to organizations like the NAACP or the ACLU through a portion of webinar income. 

(c) By listening to our members of color. Understanding our role in racism is important to us. Let us know how we could be doing a better job. 

d) By continuing to share resources we find helpful.

All of us at The Center for Mindful Eating are committed to justice, equity, inclusion and freedom. May our Black brothers and sisters be safe and free from danger and harm. 

The Board of The Center for Mindful Eating 

Lynn Rossy

Cinzia Pezzolisi

Cuca Azinovic

Linn Thorstensson

Alex Askew

Cecilia Clementi

Jenna Hollenstein

Alexis Conason

Dana Notte

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