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Setting Your Mindful Eating Intention

11 Nov 2019 11:20 AM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

Setting Your Mindful Eating Intention

by Jenna Hollenstein,MS,  RDN, CD

Setting intentions can help us maintain an essential connection with our mindful eating practice. This issue [of Food for Thought] covered a lot of ground, from mindful eating in pregnancy to introducing the principles of mindful eating to parents so they can guide their children to maintain their own mindful eating sovereignty. From pregnancy to parenthood, when it comes to raising mindful eaters who trust their own intelligent bodies, intentions can be one supportive tool.

Use the following examples as suggestions or starting points in developing your own intentions for yourself and your family. They can be conversation starters with your children in terms of how they would like to nourish their own relationship with food and their bodies: Sample intention during pregnancy: “May I receive and respond to the sensations my body sends to me. May I nourish my own body as it instinctively nourishes my growing child. May I trust that my body is accommodating, flexible, and wise.”

Your own mindful eating intention during pregnancy:


Sample intention for new parents: “May I trust the intuitive wisdom of my child’s body to guide them to eat what, when, and how much they need in order to feel nourished and satisfied. May I support them in maintaining a connection with this wisdom, meal to meal, day to day, year to year.”

Your own intention in introducing mindful eating to your children: ______________________________________________________________________

Sample intention for family meals: “May we enjoy this food together, savoring its flavors, nourishing our bodies, and appreciating the simple pleasure of sharing a meal.”

Your own mindful eating intention for family meals: ______________________________________________________________________

Originally published in Food for Thought Autumn 2019: Pregnancy and Families

In this issue:

• Pregnancy: A Time to Listen Even More Closely to Your Body, by Dr. Cinzia Pezzolesi

• Educating Parents (and Thereby Children) about Mindful Eating, by Dr. Claudia Vega

• Raising Mindful Eaters (While Healing Your Own Relationship with Food and Body), by Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RD, CDN

• Setting Your Mindful Eating Intention, by Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RD, CDN

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