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Megrette Fletcher, Advocate for Mindful Eating for Diabetes

28 Jun 2019 7:11 AM | TCME Admin (Administrator)

TCME co-founder Megrette Fletcher discusses her work as a diabetes and mindful eating educator at Hélène T. Stelian Coaching.

"Prior to meditating on a consistent basis, I worked as a diabetes educator. I think most people imagine having diabetes means that they can’t eat certain foods or that they must radically change everything about their life. These thoughts are fueled by society and companies selling products targeting people with diabetes, but it’s not true. Having diabetes is a condition that requires you to listen to your body and to learn how to balance what you want to eat and need to eat. Mindfulness can help a person hear the story of “can and can’t” and let it go, providing a healing experience that you deeply crave."

Read more at Megrette Fletcher, Advocate for Mindful Eating for Diabetes, at Hélène T. Stelian Coaching

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