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Mónica Fernández Pérez


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Fernández Pérez
Les Roquetes del Garraf
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30 minutos diaria
Do you attend annual silent 5-10 day meditation retreats?
  • Yes

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  • Therapist/Social Worker/Counselor (MA, LCSW, PhD, PsyD, LMFT, LMHC, M.Ed.)
In which settings do you offer your programs?
  • Online Programs
  • Therapist Office
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Education & Training

Have you completed an MBSR, MBCT and/or long-term meditation practice under a guided senior teacher?
  • Yes
  • No
Have you completed a 5-day or longer in-person professional Mindful Eating Teacher training?
  • Yes
If yes, please provide name of training(s), facilitator(s), and date(s) completed.
Intensivo MBRS de 20h con Carola García diciembre 2015-enero 2016; Curso 10 días de meditación Vipassa enero 2016 -Santa María de Palautordera y Máster de Mindfulness del Institut Gestalt (enero-diciembre 2018)
Have you received online professional mindful eating training?
  • Yes
If yes, please provide name of the online training(s), facilitator(s), and date(s) completed.
Formada en Mindful Eating, con el "Método Atrévete a Comer” para Profesionales de la Salud, basado en Mindfulness (MB-MAC)" en diciembre 2014 y enero 2015 -Instituto Gestalt.
Have you received supervision from a qualified instructor while offering a Mindful Eating Program?
Ma. Pilar Casanova

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