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Katarina Halm


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Thinking in Movement!
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British Columbia
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604 263 9123
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Feldenkrais®, Focusing, Movement Intelligence® Mindful Eating :
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M.A. Transpersonal Psych (Sophia), Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Movement Intelligence Trainer
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At Thinking in Movement Studio we bring a Buddhist perspective to Mindful Eating. For example, when we enjoy a jug of water or a bite of our meal, we hold a thought (prayer) for everyone everywhere to have enough nourishment in all areas of life.

We offer a certification programme for those who wish to become Mindful Eating Mentors as developed by Feldenkrais® teacher Ruthy Alon in part of her Movement Intelligence programme (see Ruthy‚Äôs site for a beautiful informative description
Mindful Eating as developed by Feldenkrais® Trainer Ruthy Alon is one of the Five Movement Intelligence Modalities:

1. Bones for Life®
2. Walk for Life
3. Chairs
4. Mindful Eating
5. Solutions for Optimal Mobility

Mindful Eating Classes and Tutorials at Thinking in Movement Studio

Weekly on Wednesdays
6-7am Pacific time: this class is currently full

Weekly on Saturdays
3-4pm Pacific time: this class is currently full

2nd Saturdays of each month
1:30-2:30pm Pacific time

3rd Sundays of each month
1:30-2:30pm Pacific time

* Welcoming your requests for additional sessions!
* Please email. Katarina with your preferred dates and times,
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  • Medical Provider Office
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  • Retreat Center
  • School-Based Program
  • Spiritual or Religious Center
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