This year our theme is: Nourish Mindful Eating. 

How do we do this? Well, we have a recipe for that! 

The suggested ingredients are:

  • 500 units of compassionate curiosity to become more present with ourselves and our food
  • 250 units of respectful care to the present moment
  • Mix well with the willingness to heal our relationship with food
  • And wallah! A joyful mindful eating experience, no baking required!

Our key messages for this year's Mindful Eating Day are:

  • Heal your relationship with food
  • Compassionate curiosity helps you become more present
  • Respectful care in the present moment
  • Nourish mindful eating with joy

The Center for Mindful Eating will be promoting these four key messages every day throughout the month of January, including our two live events on January 26, 2017. Registration is free, donations graciously accepted!

  • 9-10 am EST with our first Live Webinar featuring a special message from our TCME Board president, Marsha Hudnall, of Green Mountain at Fox Run. We will have interviews with members of the TCME board interspersed with mindful eating practices and reflections.
  • 2-3 pm EST will be our second Live Webinar for our celebration with more interviews with leading mindful eating professionals, another shared practice, and tips for bringing your practice further.

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Everyone who registers is invited to join a special Facebook group created just for this event! 

Fiona Sutherland, of Body Positive Australia, has again crafted a 30-day journey of mindful eating designed to educate, inspire and enlighten! This path features a daily MEME (which stands for Mindful Eating, Mindfulness Exercise) and opportunities to discuss, share links and interact with each other. If you don’t use Facebook, not to worry, everyone who registers will get a weekly email featuring the daily MEME's and practices.

Would you like to host your own local Mindful Eating Day event this January? We've created a supportive tool kit with key messages, graphics and more. We're happy to promote your efforts to help spread the word about the principles and practices of mindful eating. Learn more here!

We look forward to seeing you in our various celebratory spaces to nourish the heart of mindful eating!

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