We're delighted to announce “Stepping Into Mindful Eating”, a three-part training and related collaboration that will prepare you to present your mindful eating concepts to the world!

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This training and collaboration is a unique TCME member program to prepare for Mindful Eating Day 2019. The aim of this training is for you to take the information and resources shared via these three webinars and from TCME’s resource library, and then create social media posts and mindful eating practices to be delivered on one of the days of January 2019.   

Collectively, we will create a supportive space to share with a wider community the benefits of having a mindful eating practice and how it can provide a peaceful and healing relationship with food, eating, and our bodies.

Mindful Eating Day

First up, if you are new to The Center for Mindful Eating, TCME, then view our vision and mission here. We also created a short introductory video to help you navigate the TCME website, available here.

Every year, TCME celebrates International Mindful Eating Day, which is the last Thursday in January. In preparation for Mindful Eating Day, starting January 1st, we will share one social media post supporting a mindful eating practice, and/or another practical exercise that ties in with the theme set for 2019. If you'd like to see what we did last year, see Mindful Eating Day 2018 - thank you to everyone who contributed!

We Are Excited About This Year’s Theme

The core concept that we would like you, as a professional, to discuss is embodying nonjudgment. This theme is rich and offers many aspects for you to present and explore. To create a focus for the public, the media message will be stepping into mindful eating.

This year we are offering a Free Training, open to TCME members

As TCME members, you are welcome to participate in the three-part webinar.

The first webinar will be pre-recorded, and released so you can watch it on-demand via our website. It is presented by Megrette Fletcher, who will take us through the following concepts:

• Nonjudgment - what is it, and how can we address self-judgment and weight bias?  

• A practice of mindfulness can help counter our own blindness to judgment.

• Including self-compassion, as defined by Kristin Neff, PhD, can be helpful.

• What is a mindfulness “practice”?

• Shifting gears, a professional like yourself may wonder, how can I practice nonjudgment?  Motivational interviewing suggests that a nonjudgmental stance is more likely to be achieved if the counseling the provider offers is centered on four intentions. These intentions are written for the client, but they are equally effective when they are applied to ourselves.

• Creating a stable foundation for mindful eating that is practiced on a regular and consistent basis will train the mind to see opportunities that are otherwise ignored or invisible.

The Second Training

The second webinar is also pre-recorded, and available on our website. Linn Thorstensson will take these concepts to a deeper level to help you translate the larger concept of nonjudgment to a consumer message that can be used for Mindful Eating Day 2019. The focus is looking at the barriers to embodiment.

Linn will also link to some relevant TCME resources that will help us take this information and make it into bite-size memes.

Her focus will include:

  • The inner critic

  • Dieting and self-criticism – exploring diet culture and its messages
  • Changing the body vs self-acceptance – mindful eating and Health at Every Size
  • Black-and-white thinking about food choices – reflecting on how we can use mindful eating to create space for flexibility, choice, peace, and freedom

She will offer you some deeper “think” questions, which will be part of the Q&A joint presentation on August 27.

The Third Training

The last webinar will be presented live on Monday, Aug 27, at 1 pm EST. 

This program will be an amazing chance to come together as a group and explore:

  • How to offer nonjudgmental messaging.
  • How to tolerate the present moment
  • How to be present without judgment
  • How to find information
  • How to create practice activities
  • How to submit them to the Mindful Eating Day program
  • How to create a co-branded meme
  • How to promote your work on Mindful Eating Day 2019 to a larger audience.

Once the training is complete, you will have until Sept 30th to create your own social media post or meme for January 2019, that reflects on and embodies the core concept of nonjudgment.

We will provide instructions on how to submit your material. Everything will be explained in detail as we go through the process. Please note that it will require you to use Google and Facebook, so please be prepared to create a Google account and a Facebook account as part of this training.

We hope that you'll sign up and take part in our collaboration so we can share and spread the benefits of mindful eating! 

Please log in to your TCME Member account to register for this program: Registration is free!

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In Peace, Megrette & Linn

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