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The Challenges of Social Dining

April 24, 2018 | Cinzia Pezzolesi, Ph.D.

This interactive program will explore modern challenges to sustain mindful eating when eating in social settings, including family dinners and business lunches. It will provide a reflective space to explore our own coping strategies and will allow discussion on how to identify sustainable solutions. This workshop is for everyone who is exploring how to integrate our unique mindful eating experience with common social norms.

Participants will:

1 understanding how social dining affects mindful eating 

2 identify strategies to deal with challenging social eating habits 

3 maintain body awareness during social dining

Free and Open to the Public - Donations welcomed

Cinzia Pezzolesi is a chartered Clinical Psychologist and senior lecturer on mental health and wellbeing. She qualified as a mindfulness teacher at the University of Bangor (North Wales, UK) and as CBT therapist at Oxford University. Cinzia is currently acting as the Clinical Director of The Mindfulness Project (UK).

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